Croxyproxy Review: Guarding your data privacy with a free Croxyproxy web proxy service

Unblock any website for free with our premium, anonymous web proxy. Simply enter the URL you would like to visit below and click the button. Anonproxy’s unblock web proxy service allows you to visit websites that are blocked in your country. We unblock the web for you!

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You can now access websites with just one click without configuring or downloading with the advanced Croxyproxy free proxy service. But what makes it better than a VPN service and other proxies? Check out our review about its features that make it more suitable. We promise you will want to install the extension in your browser by the time this Croxyproxy review ends.

An Overview of Croxyproxy free web proxy service

Croxyproxy is a free web proxy service that guards your privacy against hackers and security breaches. It is a reliable service that supports a broader range of websites where you can surf anonymously and enjoy seamless video streaming.

You won’t need to configure or download anything as the Croxyproxy extension is available on the Google Chrome web store. Furthermore, the extension will act as a browser and support all devices, video and audio streaming, search engines, and social networks. You can start using the search bar to look for a website address, and then pressing the Go button will take you to a world of digital freedom.

Why use the Croxyproxy service?

Why a website or part of it is blocked, and how to unblock it? This is the question that gave rise to unblocking solutions like Croxyproxy. There are three major reasons why a website is blocked.

Restrictions to streaming service – A streaming service might be unavailable in your country due to its economic constraints.

Ban on the internal network – The network administrator blocks popular sites on request.

Countrywide ban – Overall, access to some major websites is blocked in entire countries. It may be one of the biggest reasons to find a web proxy service.

How does Croxyproxy web proxy work?

Croxyproxy web proxy server provides a gateway through which your traffic flows to the destination website. It masks your IP address so that the destination server won’t be able to identify it. Your ISP (internet service provider) will see your connection to the web proxy but not the destination server.

In addition, Croxyproxy encrypts all your traffic to the proxy gateway, so your ISP won’t be able to decrypt or monitor it. In this way, this free web proxy service hides your IP address and protects your data. It ensures a secure connection even if the destination website won’t, so you can ensure that Croxyproxy will keep your connection and web traffic always protected.

Croxyproxy review of its features

We’ve found Croxyproxy to be a reliable, secure, and versatile free web proxy service. Moreover, it also includes features that make it somewhat unique and diverse. To help you out, we have shared a Croxyproxy review of its features:

  • It allows you to surf the web anonymously by masking your actual IP address.
  • It encrypts all websites’ SSL certificates.
  • Croxyproxy offers a permalink feature where you can share open web pages with your friends.
  • The Croxyproxy extension supports all operating systems such as Android and Chrome OS.
  • It provides full support for HTML5 audio and video playback.
  • It allows you to access a specific webpage.
  • Croxyproxy has a global proxy switch feature that allows you to enable proxy for each request.
  • Croxyproxy also supports web page context menu items where you can load an active webpage via the web proxy.
  • You can open the weblink context menu item through this free web proxy on non-compliant websites.

What makes Croxyproxy better than VPN and other proxies?

VPNs are expensive to use and maintain and require a local client to create the connection, so if the local CPU or memory faces an issue, the whole connection will slow down. On the other hand, proxy servers are not complex to manage. Moreover, a web proxy like Croxyproxy is also free to use and would be ideal if you need a quick IP change.

Here is the Croxyproxy review about what makes it better than VPN and other proxy services.

  • If you are a business owner needing personal data privacy, Croxyproxy offers a gateway to a specific webpage or request. So, it won’t require all the internet traffic to pass through it.
  • It has a far superior and unique technology which can access a wide range of modern websites and applications, providing the ease of visiting them freely.
  • Croxyproxy offers an encrypted connection, which other proxies don’t. Moreover, it can unblock Youtube to provide a seamless video streaming service without dropping the connection. In addition, you can also enjoy browsing a multitude of web sources such as Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • No additional configuration of proxy server or download is required as the proxy extension will act as a browser. You can easily find the Croxyproxy extension on Google Chrome. It has 90,000+ users, which says a lot about its reliability and credibility.
  • With other proxies, there is no guarantee that your data is being shared with third parties. But Croxyproxy guarantees your privacy and won’t disclose or sell your data to third parties for creditworthiness or lending purposes. Moreover, you don’t need to register or send your personal data to use this web proxy service.
  • There are no upfront or hidden charges, and the basic version is free.
  • Cryptoproxy traffic is HTTPS traffic, and it cannot be detected. So, it will prevent cyber attacks from happening on your private network.
  • It is an adequate choice for personal use, where you fear a breach might happen to your company’s data. Croxyproxy is designed to protect your files, schedules, and apps so people in your company or outside won’t be able to access your personal data.
  • Croxyproxy can block access to specific websites that you feel have the potential to distract your employees or bypass a ban to a particular website. With a VPN, you cannot do that.
  • Croxyproxy doesn’t change the appearance of your website; neither does it requires you to change the system settings.
  • It works fasters and doesn’t spend the sources of your computer as a VPN or another web proxy service would.

Croxyproxy supports Youtube

Croxyproxy extension supports browsing Youtube videos and writing and checking comments. In addition, it doesn’t require you to install any additional software. Moreover, it won’t change the look of Youtube as other proxies would. You will still get to access millions of Youtube videos and music clips securely, irrespective of your location and device.

Just install the Croxyproxy extension, unblock YouTube in your specific location and start browsing the free YouTube web proxy services.

What will you get with Premium Croxyproxy services?

The basic version is free; however, it is ad-sponsored, so you might get annoyed with them popping up on your browser. But if you want to get rid of the ads, check out Croxyproxy premium web proxy services. It will remove ads and provide advanced features for an affordable subscription fee. Check out our Croxyproxy review for advanced and premium web proxy services:

  • It will allow you to select a server according to your preference.
  • Filters all third-party advertisements in the premium web proxy mode.
  • No limit on sending file size.
  • Prioritizes user support.
  • Croxyproxy premium web proxy will allow you to connect with a separate, faster, or less loaded server.

Premium account limitations

The premium Croxyproxy service offers a $3.50 per month subscription for advanced features and support. However, it comes with certain rules and regulations that you need to follow if you don’t want your account suspended.

  • You cannot use your premium account on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • If you have purchased a premium service, you cannot share your account with other users.

We recommend testing the basic version first before purchasing the premium Croxyproxy subscription. There might be technical limitations to the service, and it may not work correctly on some websites.


A web proxy server is a gateway that connects your network with a destination website by encrypting all the traffic that passes through it. Croxyproxy is such a service that may differ from other proxies due to its encryption method and full video and audio streaming support.

Rather than using a VPN service, which can be expensive and complex to manage, you can choose Croxyproxy, which will encrypt only the traffic passing through it. In addition, it is faster, doesn’t drop the connection, and needs no configuration or additional software to install.

Moreover, Croxyproxy is free and works with all kinds of resources, and supports a broader range of operating systems. It guards your personal privacy and reduces the chance of someone accessing your private network. In addition, you could use it to limit, block, or bypass access to specific websites.

Also, Croxyproxy won’t consume your device’s resources. Furthermore, it doesn’t require you to register or send personal data. Moreover, it will never disclose your information to third parties.

To get Croxyproxy, you would need to get the extension from the Google Chrome store and add it to your browser, and voila, it will act as your proxy web browser.

More than 90,000 Croxyproxy users on the Google Chrome store say a lot about its reliability and credibility. Nevertheless, Croxyproxy is a perfect alternative to a VPN or other web proxy services.

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