Hidester Review 2022: Before You Buy, Is It Worth It?

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People speculate that a virtual private network or VPN is only for tech geeks, and ordinary people cannot use it. However, a VPN incorporates the same advantages for both individuals and large companies. Whether you want to transfer sensitive information, use public Wifi, or watch unlimited stuff on Netflix, you can perform every task safely through a VPN. 

A VPN software encrypts your data and masks your device’s IP address, thus protecting your information. It conceals your identity and allows you to browse the internet anonymously and more securely than ever. 

While there are many VPNs available to internet surfers, you might have heard about Hidester and want to know more about it. If yes, then keep reading to uncover everything about Hidester VPN.

Hidester VPN

Hidester is a Hong Kong-based VPN. It was introduced as a new player in the vicinity in 2017. It brought some big ideas to the industry. Hidester allows you access to streaming services in notorious locations with a claim of good speed. However, users often experience minimal lags while using it. 

Features of Hidester 

Before moving toward the pros and cons of using Hidester, let’s have a glance at its features: 

Kill Switch 

While testing different VPNs, the Kill switch is generally among the first features users look for. Luckily, you will find this feature in Hidester, and it works the same as you expect from it. It halts all internet traffic in case of an unforeseen VPN disconnection to protect your browsing data from leaking. 

The kill switch is an important feature. Although no VPN is perfect, if one fails, it should have a kill switch feature to stop third parties from seeing or accessing data. 

If you are a new user of Hidester, remember that its kill switch is not already turned on. If you want to activate it, go to security in the app’s settings, find the option of Network Protection and turn it on.

Server Selection 

The privilege of selecting a server to connect to is another critical feature of VPNs. You can do this on Hidester with just a few clicks. There are only 43 servers from Hidester, located in 30 countries. Unlike other VPNs, Hidester servers are limited. 

Access to Netflix 

Although most people use VPNs to increase privacy, some use them for entertainment as well. People mostly get VPNs to access geo-restricted content. However, only a few VPNs work with Netflix, and Hidester is one of them. Not all of its servers allow access to this streaming platform, but some do. 

VPN Protocols 

Most users look for VPN protocols when choosing a VPN. You might wonder what a VPN protocol is. It is actually a set of navigation instructions that inform your device about how you can get your internet traffic to the VPN server securely. The straightforward routes are fast. Other routes involve a full-fledged process. They switch between different sockets and ports and use various encryption and fundamental exchange mechanisms, ultimately creating better security for your data.  

In short, VPN protocols are necessary because they directly affect how fast and secure your connections will be. There are three protocols used by Hidester: 


OpenVPN allows VPN companies to use and modify the protocol for free because it is an open-source VPN. Various VPN providers prefer OpenVPN because it is secure and fast. However, keep in mind that the version of OpenVPN does not bypass censorship, particularly the Great Firewall of China. 


CamoWeb is a proxy rather than a VPN. It is capable enough to bypass censorship and provides the fastest browsing experience. However, Netflix’s proxy detector can easily detect CamoWeb because it does not provide much privacy. 


It is the latest modified version of OpenVPN. According to Hidester, CamoVPN is the most private and secure protocol compared to the other two protocols. It can bypass government restrictions and networks after the addition of obfuscation techniques in it. 

Peer-to-Peer Downloads and Torrenting 

As previously mentioned, Hidester has 43 servers that offer torrenting and peer-to-peer downloads. Out of 43, 20 servers allow torrenting. It is worth mentioning here that none of the U.S servers allow torrenting. For the best download speeds, the server in Montreal is reliable, but it can still become slow when most users are connected to it. 

Things You Need to Know About Hidester as a User

Besides features, there are some facts about Hidester that you should be mindful of: 

Privacy Policy

Hidester has a straightforward privacy policy. However, it collects other information with which some users may feel uncomfortable. This information includes your dates of connection, your country, total daily traffic, and the choice of server. Hidester does not tell about what it does to protect this information or how long it keeps users’ data. 

Connection Speed 

The overall speed of Hidester is quite acceptable. When users connect to a nearby server, they enjoy a fast browsing experience with no interruptions. However, when they connect to a distant server, the browsing speed reduces dramatically. 

The speed reduction is expected when connecting to another continent, but speed loss in the countries of the same continent is not good.

  • Price 
  • Unfortunately, Hidester is not value for money when it comes to pricing. It offers three plans: 
  • Monthly: 9.99$ per month 
  • Six Months: $6 per month, which is $36 for six months collectively 
  • 12 Months: $3.99 per month, which collectively becomes $46.80 after a year. 

There is no difference in features of all three plans. Only the prices get lower according to how long you stick to the service. The monthly plan is cheaper than most other VPNs. It costs you just $9.99 for 30 days, so you can get this plan for trial. 

There is a 49% discount if you purchase a 12-month plan. Also, the $3.99 per month is cheaper than a 6-months plan. $46.80 (12-month plan) is a mid-range price in the VPN market. You can find better VPNs at this price. 

Refund Policy 

You can get the Hidester VPN quickly and easily. All plans have a seven-day refund policy that sounds moving because you can refund the money if you do not like this VPN. You can also avail best price deals by using the Hidester coupon codes. 

Payment Method 

Hidester offers a lot of options when it comes to payment. Payment methods include PayPal, Bitcoins, NFFT, credit card, and Discover points. 

Multi-Platform Support 

Luckily, Hidester can run on almost every device. You can use it on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It does not matter which OS your device has; whether it is Linux, Android, IOS, or Microsoft Windows, you can access the VPN in any way. 

Hidester’s Approach 

You may ask about what the powerful VPN Hidester will do. Well, it will provide you access to all the geo-restricted sites effortlessly. It will protect your information and keep your connection anonymous. In addition, Hidester will allow: 

  • full access to all the blocked websites in your region
  • a steady connection with super fast speed 
  • high-performance service and downloading
  • torrenting and P2P 

Pros and Cons of Hidester VPN: 


  1. Strong service 
  2. Accessible in a minimum of 30 countries
  3. Easy to use 
  4. Refund policy 
  5. Cohesive WebRTC/DNS leak testing


  1. Absence of live support
  2. Expensive as compared to other VPNs
  3. Has limited servers

Is Hidester Recommended? 

Before signing off, let it be clear whether Hidester is recommended or not. The simplest explanation to this query is, it depends on usage of the user. Although it incorporates so many features, it still has some drawbacks. So, if its feature suits you, it can be an option for you.

There is no doubt that the Hidester app is thoroughly focused on winning against censorship, especially in China. Its weakness is that it is not very fast.  It offers torrenting limited to a few servers and does not unblock streaming sites. Moreover, the modest server of Hidester is poorly distributed. 

Ending Note 

If you are Ok with the shortcomings of Hidester, you can go for it. However, if its features do not work for you, there is no need to worry as there are tens of better alternatives to this VPN available at reasonable prices. 

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